Welcome to M-113 Productions

My name is Steven Lopez.  Welcome to my site and blog.  It is here that I will showcase my talents and knowledge of all things video.  Plus have some fun and share my experiences.  I also like piano and Astronomy; so I am sure I’ll post and blog about that stuff too.  So check out my work and explore my website and blog; if you like what you see and you think I have something to add to your next video, visit my contact page for info and get in touch with me.

Thanks for visiting!

Why M-113?

Why choose M-113 for your video needs?  After earning my bachelor’s degree at Montana State University; I started working full time in post as a tape operator.  This is how I learned video inside and out, through scoping, routing and patching it.  From there I advanced to DVD author and then finally editor.  Right about the time this program called Final Cut Pro came out.  Given my geek tendencies, I stepped right in.  With on-the-job training and my ability to grasp each new program with ease, I am where I am today.

I am your one-stop-shop for film and video.  Everything from editorial using Final Cut and yes, Adobe Premiere and Avid systems;  Motion graphics with After Effects; and even a little 3D animation using Cinema 4D.  All for broadcast, HD, Web, DVD, Blu-ray you name it.  In this digital age video has gotten more complex; the tools are more powerful and I understand it all.  But those are only the tools.  It still takes talent to utilize those tools and to tell a compelling story.  I have that talent.

Check out my portfolio and let me know what you think.